Listen Djo shares new single ‘Figure You Out’

Photo: Dana Trippe

His new album ‘Decide’ is out next month.

Ahead of the release of his new album ‘Decide’ on 16th September, Djo - the musical project of actor / producer / songwriter Joe Keery - is sharing new single ‘Figure You Out’.

Speaking to us back in 2020 about Album Two, Joe said, “We wanted to write something that people can really dance to at shows. I think there’s a real trend right now of people writing more disco-y stuff. So it’s following along those lines in the way.

“I’m kind of opening my mind and trying to be inspired by new things and hoping that some cool songs come out of it.”

Revisit our full chat with Joe here, and have a listen to ‘Figure You Out’ below.

‘Decide’ Tracklisting:
1) Runner
2) Gloom
3) Half Life
4) Fool
5) On and On
6) End of Beginning
7) I Want Your Video
8) Climax
9) Change
10) Is That All It Takes
11) Go For It
12) Figure You Out
13) Slither


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