Listen Bimini drops new track ‘Tommy’s Dream’

“I can’t wait to make people dance.”

Fresh off of signing to Relentless Records - and covering our August 2022 issue! - Bimini is sharing their newest single ‘Tommy’s Dream’.

“‘Tommy’s Dream’ is about reflection and looking back on your goals and achievements,” they explain. “It’s optimistic but also comes from a place of vulnerability and aspiration. It’s about going back to childhood innocence, and the hope you have at that time. ‘Tommy’s Dream’ is the perfect track to introduce people to what music I’ve been working on and where I’ve been for the last year. I can’t wait to make people dance.”

Speaking to us for our August 2022 issue, Bimini described their upcoming music as “depression with a beat - proper sad bangers, some of it”.

“I want to make music that people listen to, but I want to continue to have a message and to have that reflect in everything,” they added.

Revisit our full cover interview with Bimini here, and have a listen to ‘Tommy’s Dream’ below.

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