Listen Skullcrusher shares new track ‘It’s Like A Secret’

The track gets taken from her forthcoming debut album ‘Quiet the Room’.

Skullcrusher - aka Helen Ballentine - has shared another cut from her forthcoming debut album.

Following on from the release of the combo of ‘They Quiet The Room’ and ‘Quiet The Room’ last month, the singer has now offered up ‘It’s Like A Secret’, alongside a video animated by Melanie Kleid.

Speaking of the track, Helen has said: “Writing this song was when I first felt connected to the album as a whole and really felt it taking shape. I had been trying to put into words a very familiar sensation that seemed completely intangible and inexpressible. It’s sort of a burrowing into myself, which I associate most with being very immersed in a creative project and simultaneously quite disconnected from other people. I think this feeling manifests in many different ways: as a shield or form of protection, a home, a place to hide and feel safe, an outlet for my creativity… but also a very confining and lonely space that further separates me from those around me. The song ended up being about this feeling and more specifically about the process and limitations of trying to communicate it. It feels very special to be able to convey these thoughts in some way.”

Skullcrusher is due to release her fourteen-track debut ‘Quiet The Room’ on 14th October via Secretly Canadian. Check out the tracklisting below, and listen to ‘It’s Like A Secret’ below.

1. They Quiet The Room
2. Building A Swing
3. Whatever Fits Together
4. Whistle of the Dead
5. Lullaby in February
6. Pass Through Me
7. Could it be the way I look at everything?
8. Outside, playing
9. It’s Like A Secret
10. Sticker
11. Window Somewhere
12. (secret instrumental)
13. Quiet The Room
14. You Are My House

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