Watch The Orielles share new track and video ‘The Room’

The band’s new album ‘Tableau’ lands next month.

After announcing new album ‘Tableau’ earlier this summer, The Orielles have shared another track from it – watch the video for ‘The Room’ below.

The band’s new record, which follows 2021 LP ‘La Vita Olistica’, is set for release on 7th October via Heavenly Recordings, and ‘The Room’ follows first single ‘BEAM/S’.

Discussing the new track, Sidonie of the band said: “This was the first track for this record, completely randomly and not part of the album sessions. It was recorded in Autumn/Winter of 2020, at Eve Studios. We had spent a day there, just jamming ideas. Obviously we’d spent the past five or six months in lockdown, not really able to spend much time with one another, so we were all bursting with ideas and hadn’t jammed together in so long. Obviously the way we write is very jammy, very reactionary with each other, and we really missed that.

“Putting us together in this room at Eve Studios, it was magical really. I feel like we wrote, or sketched ideas, for the majority of the record within an hour or two. We were just in this room at Eve with keyboards, modular synths, everything you could ask for, and just wrote loads of ideas. The lyrics were written line-by-line by each of us, randomly, so we muddled them up and picked them up at random. The first lyric was ‘the moon is in the room’, and I believe she got that from a Clarice Lispector novel? The whispering was definitely inspired by bands like Portishead or Art of Noise.”

Of the track’s accompanying video, the band added: “‘The Room’ video is perhaps a visual representation of the way in which the song itself was written. Providing ourselves with limitations and instruments that are more unfamiliar to us (in the video’s case, the Super-8). We thought that the lyrics and the vocal delivery lent themselves well to quite a literal video, we broke the song down line-by-line to create interpretations of the words and their meanings together. We really like the simplicity of this video, inspired by a lot of Agnes Vardas early works as well as Peter Tscherkassky’s more avant-garde films.”

Watch and listen to ‘The Room’ below.

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