Watch Sophie Jamieson unveils new single ‘Downpour’

Photo: Tatjana Ruegsegger

Her debut album lands later this year.

Ahead of the release of her debut album ‘Choosing’ on 2nd December via Bella Union, Sophie Jamieson is sharing her latest single ‘Downpour’.

“This song came from a desperate need to fill a void I could not seem to fill myself,” Sophie explains. “I wanted to be fixed by somebody who was in no position to do so. I was blinded by this idea that they were the way out of my pain, and when they said no, the walls came tumbling in every time and I didn’t know how to hold them up.”

“It’s a desperate song, full of need that doesn’t know what to feed on, and love that doesn’t have a place to go,” she adds. “The video was filmed at my local riverside in South East London. I was fascinated by the movement of water and everything that changes its direction and its force. The way it both moves around, and pushes against everything it touches… even pushing against itself and eventually calming down. The way it has the ability to create space, and also to overwhelm, to drown.”

Check out ‘Downpour’ below.

‘Choosing’ Tracklisting:
1. Addition
2. Crystal
3. Downpour
4. Sink
5. Fill
6. Empties
7. Runner
8. Violence
9. Boundary
10. Who Will I Be
11. Long Play


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