Advertorial feature A look at Polaroid’s new Music In Full Colour range

The iconic instant photography brand have now branched into music, with their new Polaroid Players range.

For almost a century now, Polaroid has been known as a true innovator in the world of instant photography, but it’s in 2022 that the ground-breaking brand are continuing to push into the future, with the launch of their new Music In Full Colour campaign.

Continuing to build upon the energy and vibrancy of their work in the photographic world, the iconic brand have now launched Polaroid Music; a range of four new Polaroid Players, as well as Polaroid Radio, and the Polaroid Music app, both of which focus on doing away with algorithms, and putting the power of music back into the hands of real artists, DJs and curators.

A vivid collection of portable speakers inspired by the colours of the Polaroid Color Spectrum, each of the four different Polaroid Players has its own unique set of qualities. While Polaroid 1 is undoubtedly the most portable - it’s roughly the size of an apple - it comes specifically designed for life’s more intimate moments. Polaroid 2, however, is twice as powerful as the former and also comes with its own handy wrist strap, so it’s still easy to bring along to a house party when the occasion arises. Not only that, but it’s also fully compatible with the Polaroid Music app, so you’ll always have your playlists at your fingertips.

If something a little more retro is your style, then that’s where Polaroid 3 comes in; a slick re-imagination of the classic boombox, it’s still just as portable, thanks to its nifty handle, but includes up to 15 hours of playback time, and - let’s be honest - looks incredible; it really will be the star of the show. And let’s not forget the Polaroid 4; arguably the big daddy of the collection, that’s capable of bringing incredible sound into even the largest of spaces.

What’s even better is that all four of the Music Players can connect to any device via Bluetooth, and you can build an even bigger sound by syncing multiples of the same Player - talk about versatile!

For more information, or to purchase a Polaroid Music Player, please head to Polaroid’s website.

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