Listen Brockhampton release new track ‘The Ending’

It’s the latest preview of new album ‘The Family’.

Ahead of the release of their final album ‘The Family’ on 17th November via Question Everything/RCA Records, Brockhampton are sharing new track ‘The Ending’.

Speaking about their new album on Twitter, Kevin Abstract said, “the family is most definitely our most unique album and also the best record we’ve ever made.”

‘The Family’ will follow last year’s ‘Roadrunner: New Light, New Machine’. In our review of the album, we said, “An album which finds a band who’ve been through a lot finding their stride and searching for joy from within the bleak, ‘Roadrunner…’ sees Brockhampton silencing any of those who feared they might have lost their spark. It’s a record that - if it is truly one of their last - sees the lads going out with a bang.”

Revisit the full review here, and listen to ‘The Ending’ below.

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Brockhampton - The Family

Brockhampton - The Family

Billed as the band’s final album, ‘The Family’ is an alluring, Kevin Abstract-heavy affair. But as ever with the group, is this truly the end?