Watch Dave Rowntree releases new track ‘Tape Measure’

His debut solo album ‘Radio Songs’ is out next year.

Ahead of the release of his debut album ‘Radio Songs’ on 20th January via Cooking Vinyl, Dave Rowntree is releasing his new track ‘Tape Measure’.

“Anxiety - an unpleasant emotion of inner turmoil and dread,” Dave says. ‘We’re fundamentally herd animals, whose main defensive tactic is running away and hiding. We’ve no sharp claws or teeth to fight with. So we’re over sensitised to danger. We see shapes in the shadows, faces in the fire. Disaster always lurks on the grey edges of our consciousness. On the upside, come the zombie apocalypse, we anxious people will already be in hiding, leaving all you smug normies to have your brains eaten.”

Check out ‘Tape Measure’ below.