Features 2010 Tips From Au Revoir Simone & The Phantom Band

Au Revoir Simone tip great bands, The Phantom Band tip poop.

We're not really huge fans of lists (unless they're of the Christmas or shopping variety) as when used to mark the start or end of something (the year, say, or the decade...) they all seem to be the bloody same. We don't really want to tip Ellie Goulding, or The Drums - you know they're going to do well, everyone else has already told you. So, we've got some other people to tell us who they think should be big this year, and who will be big this year. Different people it seems have interpreted this different ways, and it's all interesting stuff. Last week we started publishing them, in a feature a day (some are quite short, you see).

Au Revoir Simone

Crystal Stilts

: I heard some of their top-secret new demos and I have to say... super amazing! 2010 is the year for dancing with our eyes closed.

Aeroplane: Their HIGHLY anticipated new album will be out in 2010. Heather, Annie and I happen to be singing on one song but we heard a few other samples with guest vocalists and the album was produced by the legendary Bertrand Burgalat. Yes, we will be dancing in 2010.

Kindness: Smart words, beautifully orchestrated, odd. All good things!

Class Actress: The amazing Elizabeth Harper has been working hard all year seducing the stages of New York City. I think in 2010 the world will become her stage indeed.

Mirrors: I have been sneak djing some unreleased songs by this Brighton trio and people always ask me 'who is this?!?' The beats are just right, the vocals are sexy-natural, the synths are spectac. Added bonus: their look is trés classe.

Sweden: I know it's a country and an not a band but dear nordic land that gave us El Perro Del Mar, Taken By Trees, Miike Snow... in 2009, all I can say is, I can't wait to hear what you have for us in the next 12 months!

The Phantom Band

What should be big in 2010:

Wizard Oil,
L>A> Rolex,
Haunted Haircut,
The Quasi-Objects,
Django Django,
Tut Vu Vu,
Shaddazz records,
Torphins Jumble Sale,
Peace on earth and everyone choosing to be decent to one another.

What will be big in 2010:

Hex Factor
- witch trials live on TV,


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