Reviews Air Castles - Gold

Love can often hold a peculiar sway over musicians…

Under the spell of puppy-eyed passion, love can often hold a peculiar sway over musicians, coaxing out insufferably sweet dross. Having been hand-picked to play the BBC Introducing stage at Glastonbury earlier this year, Air Castles are ready to release their debut single ‘Gold’ on their own Winter Hymns label.

And it sure manages to charm, despite its sickly poses: “Gold is worth nothing compared to this / Stars they explode with just one kiss,” croons lead-singer Max Mansson as we reach for the bucket. It’s ironic, considering the band’s name, that the lyrics should feel so dense and have such a yawning lack of substance.

It’s a shame because, as debut singles go, ‘Gold’ isn’t all that bad. Laced in honey-dipped synths, they sure have a knack for writing an earworm melody; and this one’s to die for, at times recalling the DIY nursery-rhyme pop of Internet Forever and the best bits of – ahem - Scouting for Girls. It’s far from gold, but it’s enough to earn Air Castles at least a bronze star.


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