Bands To Watch: Constellations 2011

We pull together a list of the less obvious must-see performances at the Leeds event this Saturday.

With a festival like Constellations, it would be easy to reel off a list of obvious bands to watch, so we’ve pulled together a run down of some of the less obvious must-sees performing at the Leeds event this Saturday.


It’s easy to foresee this London trio expanding a sound - already set out in some style with two wave-making EPs - from one of evocative electronic music to something more exploratory and R’n’B-indebted. As well as showcasing the most recent, ‘nyc stuff and nyc bags EP’, expect an array of experiments and draft ideas to be thrown into the set.


Already a must-see act from several of these previous showcase festivals, Braids are a Canadian export with considerable room to grow. They announced themselves to glowing praise with debut album ‘Native Speaker’ and a recent split-7” with Purity Ring only went to cement their potential. We say potential, but they’ve already make something remarkable with their first record and it’ll be interesting to see if the flurry of ideas that makes up the album translates to the stage.


Fresh from a sold-out single release with Double Denim, Liverpool’s Outfit are an odd creature in that they’re remarkably intelligent, bright and influenced by many things, except they choose the route of shimmering pop music. Ultimately their style of this genre is a more provactive and interesting version of their contemporaries, and they’ve already enjoyed plenty of attention during sets at Field Day and recent solo shows in the country’s capital.

Fear Of Men

It’s difficult to pinpoint the exact permanent location of this inventive lo-fi garage group (some say Manchester, others cite Brighton or London), but you can assume that they’ll be touring a selection of their scrappy, charming pop songs for some time. Best see them before a buzz-imploding debut album hits our shores - there are already enough bloggers salivating at the prospect.

Zulu Winter

This band are either headed for an extensive critical love-in or a permanent slot at the top of the charts. Their first effort ‘Let’s Move Back To Front’ was all Wild Beasts theatrics and dramatic extravagance. What’s come since has been far more in summertime festival + giant outdoor stage territory. Judge for yourself where the step forward lies - either way, they’re certain to take several steps.

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