Best Of The Xbox Indies - 8th June 2011

Our pick of the best and worst new games on the indie Xbox Live community.

Here at DIY, it’d be a crime if we didn’t look into independent developers and so we’re committed to trawling through the good and the bad on Xbox Live’s Indie Community so you don’t have to.

Here’s our pick of the latest bunch of indie software you can download now!

Bunker Buster - 80 Points

Addictive bomb-dropping puzzler that sees you control the height of your bomber with one trigger and the dropping of said bombs with the other. It’s not as easy or as dull as that would have it sound, by the way. The levels become increasingly difficult to manoeuvre around and if you hit the surrounding rocks, you’ll burst into flames. Incredibly fun and entertaining, with a cartoon-ish military chich akin to games like General Chaos on the Mega Drive.
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Insanity X - 80 Points

Old school retro shoot ‘em up in which you guide your sole survivor around curiously 8-bit maze rooms that require no thought whatsoever, avoiding enemy robots and electrified walls! Yikes! These walls will sizzle you to a pile of bones with a halo. This is gorgeously retro-fun-tastic, complete with synthesised voices and chiptunes to boot. Although, the enemies don’t pose much of a threat until quite a while into the game. Trying to stop you escaping isn’t exactly their prime directive. We’re guessing it must be ‘sitting there’, which they do with unadulterated gusto.
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INDIE GAME TOP PICK - Esoterica America - 240 Points

Ambitious and vast mystery RPG adventure type thing. Yep. It’s hard to pin down, this. Basically, it’s a conspiracy-laden adventure about the son of an Illuminati who goes on a search to discover what’s happened to his missing father. Oh, and his decision to go on the hunt is provoked by alien figures who tell of his father’s safekeeping in the land of the gods. Its philosophical pomposity (your living room turns into a ‘deep state of consciousness’) and pop culture in-jokes outweigh the dodgy and irksome gameplay mechanics by miles, and its comic-book monochrome style is marvellously drawn. This is truly special. Frankly – absolutely brilliant.
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WTF WAS THAT AWARD - Abmastrophy - 80 Points

Play as a tiny ball shooting balls at other tiny balls that explode into bars of gold and sparkly glitter which your ball will collect to upgrade its ballness and progress through levels of waves of balls. Surprisingly, this game is so much more than balls. Its an absolute mind-fork. Best of all, you’re kept entertained by a story about the syrup bottle in a waffle house, the text of which appears on screen in the middle of your battles with a lot of balls. This is positively excellent. Can’t fault it!
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AVOID LIKE RABIES - Super Sequence 3 - 80 Points

That there’s a third Super Sequence is mind-boggling enough, but this note-repeat game in which you hit corresponding buttons to test your memory skills is so bland you’d think, in its third outing, it would iron out the dull. Although allowing us to play with farm noises instead of musical notes is a nice touch, it doesn’t make up for a weak and lazy effort of a sequel in which the most appealing aspect is a huge still image of an Xbox controller on top of a psychedelic hippy’s shirt of a background.
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