Reviews Black Lips - Drugs

Bloody good fun from beginning to end.

Black Lips

have always traded in the lo-fi end of the musical spectrum – preferring minimal production and the sound of a band playing live, rather than studio slavery and endless production techniques sapping any sense of the band’s true sound. So it comes as no surprise to see how simply and beautifully this song is presented.

Chock-full of jangling guitars, Cole Alexander’s yelped boy-wants-girl lyrics and a chorus as catchy as they come, this comes across as a hazy, drugged-up ‘60s surf song made in someone’s basement with substandard recording equipment, and it’s just bloody good fun from beginning to end. There isn’t a trace of pretention or unnecessary artistry here, just a good ol’ fashioned drugs, sex and rock ‘n’ roll ethos. If there’s one criticism to be made it’s that you’ve heard this all before, this really is a throwback of a track, but frankly, when it’s so perfectly executed it doesn’t matter.

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