News Childhood Announce New Single, Stream ‘Solemn Skies’

The London band come of age, and potentially define the emerging summer.

It's come to that time of year again where many bands are aiming, subconsciously or otherwise, for a song that'll stick with the beer-slugging, sunburnt British public all summer long.

It'll get played in the background as smoke emerges from barbecues, it will be sung with friends during balmy nights and it'll bring a muddy field to life.

Childhood are the latest band to stake their claim on the coveted, proverbial prize with ‘Solemn Skies’. After last single ‘Blue Velvet’ expectations were set sky high, and the Londoners have lived up to their own high standards by offering another psych pop gem.

Their now-signature sun-kissed melodies are gaining a reputation of their own, and this time round hazy guitars are out in force, channelling a variety of 90s influences into something vibrant and exciting. Not many songs could define a summer better, presuming this one actually arrives.

‘Solemn Skies’ b/w 'Semester' is out on 10th June via House of Anxiety as a 10' single.


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Childhood, Oslo, London

Childhood, Oslo, London

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