Reviews Clock Opera - Belongings

Trading in ‘chop-pop’ for pure accessibility was a smart move.

There are plenty of ways pop songs can be shrouded by oddness. Clock Opera should know - last year's single 'A Piece Of String' was quite the head-turner, not least because its hook was provided by a flute, of all things. You don't hear that very often these days, to say the least of it.

Guy Connelly and company can however go for the Route One approach: the electro-pop 'Once And For All' was refreshingly insant, proving that his ability to write unshakeable melodies has not diminished one bit.

'Belongings' provides further proof of this, its uplifting piano introduction setting the scene as, over five minutes, the song gradually builds from understated beginnings to a soaring, powerful finale that features, among many other things, distorted bass and racing drums.

It's an unexpectedly busy finish to a song that knows the perfect moment to cut loose. There's finally an album on the way, and it sounds like it's going to be quite impressive if songs like this are anything to go by. Clock Opera trading in 'chop-pop' for pure accessibility was a smart move. The accolade of 'most euphoric single of the year so far' belongs to this song.


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