Connan Mockasin - Please Turn Me Into The Snat

An eye-opening experience.


Connan Mockasin is a clear symbol of intrigue. Accompanied by a constantly evolving band and possessing a pre-pubescent element to his vocal range, he has quite unintentionally turned music on its head. Opening track, ‘Megumi The Milkyway Above’ is an instant pencil-dive right into his world. There is a sense of “what have I got myself listening to?” alongside an equally, if not more, powerful sense of being a child in a sweet shop, except the shop is a totally new world of music, and perhaps we’re not children either. But that’s the essence of the picture - an eye-opening experience.

‘Faking Jazz Together’ exudes a salsa beat, and creates an alienating theme with such a haunting, child-like vocal. Whereas the ten minute long ‘Forever Dolphin Love’ provides the listener with some limp drones before developing into a subtle, Asiatic, romance. Perhaps it is the supreme sense of the bizarre and ever-changing that has given Connan Mockasin a near cult following; he doesn’t sound like anything but himself. ‘Egon Hosford’ is perhaps the nearest to a commercially viable song, as it canters along, with psychedelic guitars and voices in quick pursuit.

Title track, and album closer, ‘Please Turn Me Into The Snat’ is a reference to a mystical animal called the Snat - part snake part rat - which sometimes makes appearances at Connan Mockasin’s gigs. With a military march-like beat, there is a great sense of irony and, at a much simpler level, fun. Indeed it is a clear feeling of fun that makes this album. Even the 25 second long ‘Grampa Moff’ is riddled with such a feeling. Connan Mockasin has a great musical smorgasbord, and is certainly introducing his enlightened fans to its many elements.

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