Crystal Fighters - At Home

Plucky mandolin strings and joyous siren chants.


Plucky mandolin strings and joyous siren chants create Crystal Fighters’ ‘At Home’, an emotional love tale draped in a rhythmically silky soft melody. A collective of voices develop into catchy lyrics that reminisce to scenes of the past; reflecting hope and devotion and scenes of the present enveloped in growth, realization and reconnection.

Traditional Basque instruments create this uplifting and sweet track drenched in folk and electronica; both working together while resisting the tyranny of ‘the mélange’. The quintet manages to bring two normally opposing genres together with an outcome not unlike one harmonious civil ceremony; the unity of two separate entities that work best when together.

As a running theme of debut LP ‘Star Of Love’, these East London based Spaniards channel the traditional scapes of their Balearic origins while integrating the raw grime of their adopted home.

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