Dance To The Radio - 4 x 12” Vol. 1 (EP)

For this years party trick DTTR are putting out 4 12” records (hence the name), each due to feature four songs.


In the past Dance To The Radio has simply released kick-ass compilations and given a foot-up to everyone from We Start Fires to iLiKETRAiNS. For this years party trick they’re putting out 4 12” records (hence the name), each due to feature four songs. The end result’s going to be somewhat the same, but it’s going to take a bit more effort to get hold of it all. From the sounds of this first taster however it does sound like it’ll be more than worth it. On this one EP DTTR have managed to sum themselves up really rather well, by what have must been a really careful selection.

First up are Wonderswan with ‘Hey Nature’. It’s noisy, yet melodic left-field rock of the type that DTTR seem fairly big fans of. With a chorus of “You say that I don’t care’ over music that sounds just ever so slightly wrong, it’s a jolting but not unpleasant listen. Sharing a side of vinyl with Wonderswan are indie popsters Broadcast Society and their contribution ‘Behind Your Back’. This one’s much cleaner and much quicker. To be honest it’s not a million miles away from The KBC, in a good way. It races along with a frantic danceable rhythm whilst the guitars soar in an indie disco fashion.

On to side two we’re treated to Pulled Apart By Horses and one of the best song titles we think we’ll see this year. ‘E = MC Hammer’ briefly stirs bad memories of Black Velvets before it all really kicks in and it’s apparent that this rocker is no pastiche of anything. Brutal full on rock music. Riffy, frantic and shouty like a hardcore little brother to Future of the Left. Definitely the most clear sign that the future of British rock is in very good hands. And once again the next song couldn’t be any more different. Brooklyners Bear Hands have their track ‘What A Drag’ remixed by Cale Parks into a dreamy pulsing electronic track. If we’re completely honest we’re not sure what’s the remix and what’s the band, but either way it’s a darned good pop song and certainly helps make this EP worth its weight in gold.

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