News Dead Till Tuesday Organise Protest Of New York City’s Quiet Zone

Protestors will play Beatles songs at Strawberry Fields later this month.

Usually, Central Park is a haven for musicians playing an assortment of instruments for the enjoyment of tourists. Over the last few months, however, the park authority has begun to enforce Quiet Zones.

Musicians have been issued summons and fines ranging from $50 to $200, and potentially could be arrested, for disobeying a new rule that decrees 'musical instruments are not allowed.'

The zones also prohibit against radios without headphones, running, rollerblading, bike riding, 'active recreation,' sports, feeding birds or wildlife, and dogs without leads.

New Yorkers Dead Till Tuesday have put together a protest at Strawberry Fields (a memorial to John Lennon) on 22nd June, where they will perform Acapella versions of Beatles and Lennon songs at whisper levels.

For more information on the get together, which asks for more flexible 'Quiet Zone Time,' or to sign a petition, click here.

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