Features Deerhoof: ‘My Favorite Part Of Recording Was The Catering’

Gareth O’Malley has a chat with Deerhoof’s Ed Rodriguez.

Gareth O'Malley has a chat with Deerhoof's Ed Rodriguez, following the release of the band's new album 'Deerhoof vs Evil'.

'Deerhoof Vs. Evil' sounds like it was a lot of fun to make. What was your favourite part of the process?
It's exciting to record together because you constantly see that spark of creativity that drew us together in the first place. In those moments you forget how much you can't stand each other. But my favorite part of recording had to be the catering.

Is there a story behind the title or was it something you just thought up?
The title comes from ancient Mayan writings predicting enormous changes in the world taking place in 2012, set in motion by an album released in January of 2011. It's a mystical tale of melody and rhythm, energy, fun and global upheaval.

What was the inspiration behind the promo campaign? Streaming different album tracks in different locations from different dates. Staggering the revelation of the album. That was an interesting approach.
In the days leading up to the release we wanted to share our excitment of the finished album with the world. Our initial idea was to send baskets of fruit and flowers to every fan. Our label had many excuses of expense and it being 'impossible' so we agreed to leave a song a week online, leading a trail to the present at the end.

Is it something you'd do again?
It's more fun to find something else. It's like hiding to scare your friends. It's better if you don't always pick the same spot to jump out from.

Deerhoof's sound strikes me as quite intricate; how does this translate to live gigs?
Thankfully we're all wildly talented and can accomplish the impossible. If that doesn't work our delusions can make up the difference.

What are your plans for the year? Are they based around touring or have you got other ideas?
My plans revolve around our extensive worldwide touring plans and my desire to teach my new poodle to sit and lay down.

Finally, what albums are you looking forward to this year?
Much like hiding to scare your friends, I think the surprises can be much more fun.

Deerhoof's new album 'Deerhoof vs Evil' is out now. The band have two live shows coming up: Manchester Club Academy, 3rd May; London Garage, 4th May. Tickets are on sale now.


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