News Dirty Projectors Remix Phoenix’s ‘Entertainment’

Dave Longstreth lets loose on ‘Bankrupt!”s opener.

Alongside the release of Phoenix's latest 'Bankrupt!' album, every musician under the sun's being allowed the key to the kingdom on the original version of 'Entertainment', which opens the new record.

The most recent comes from Dirty Projectors, whose 'Swing Lo Magellan' album stood out as one of 2012's finest. But sonically, DP's previous record and this remix share little in common. Instead, Thomas Mars' vocals are looped on top of handclaps, and scattered beats tie themselves together, leaving not a moment's peace.

Phoenix are being more than a touch liberal with putting their new album out in the open. On top of these new remixes, they've got 71 tracks on the bonus disc of 'Bankrupt!', something which Mars described in an interview with DIY as 'selfish', not 'generous.'

'There were two, three thousand [sketches]', he told us. 'A lot of them were not songs, they were just very small ideas. But the 71 we did that...It sounds very generous but it’s pretty selfish. It’s to get rid of the foundations of the next record; it’s in order to start from scratch.'

Read Danny Wright's review of 'Bankrupt!' here.

Stream the Dirty Projectors remix of 'Entertainment' below:


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