EP Review Disclosure - The Face

The pair are clearly set to bring a wide-eyed outlook on the genre with a depth that speaks beyond their years.

The Gallaghers, the Davies brothers and to a lesser extent The Beach Boys are all testament to the idea of launching a career with your siblings is a no go. That said, for every over publicised family feud there’s a pair quietly going about their musical musings without a hint of kicking the shit out of each other. Latest to buck the trend are Croyden based producers Guy and Howard Lawrence, better known as Disclosure with latest EP ‘The Face’. Until recently, a subtle stream of monthly releases and the occasional live show was enough to keep their soothingly catchy brand of 2-step relatively underground. However, a worryingly fitting support slot with SBTRKT and an irresistible reworking of Jessie Ware’s ‘Running’ coinciding with single ‘Tenderly’ to serious acclaim has bought in an ever growing following.

‘The Face’ emerges with the same pop infused vocal displayed in recent work as Sinead Harnett lilts across the layered synth of ‘Boiling’. The track eases into an effortless cycle of airy keys and nonintrusive bass lines that act as a ‘we know were on to something but we’re not cocky about it’ from the producers. As boldness oozes throughout the opener with energetic syncopation there’s also a refreshing naivety about their work, seemingly unconstricted by ongoings in the genre. Excavation of dubstep and techno’s less intense extremities has seen the likes of Little Dragon and James Blake produce intriguing works but the youthful nature of Disclosure’s bright, carefree approach makes their work stand out. It’s obvious they have taken note from those before them but the pair (20 and 17 respectively) armed with melodic repetition and crisp beats are clearly set to bring a wide-eyed outlook on the genre with a depth that speaks beyond their years.

‘What’s Inside Your Head?’ continues in the instantly addictive vein, making for a deceptive five and a half minutes. The use of an enticing female sample loses all meaning through sporadic effects with the result being distracting enough to overlook a web painstakingly constructed percussive glitches. Somehow though, despite so many varying levels of intimacy, there’s room to digest the track without feeling overwhelmed. Disclosure’s effortless techno swooning spills into Lividup. An opening reoccurring handclap-bass line is the closest reference to key influence J.Dilla and is used to powerful effect in setting up for a hook that rendezvous with more contemporary aspects of 2-step and gives the EP a boost just as it feels like its running low on steam. ‘Control’ carries this energy and brings their rich vibrance to a fitting climax, showcasing an ability to switch between shimmering emptiness and a bass lead chorus at will. The effortless nature of the production is the most impressive aspect of ‘The Face’, there is a coherence that flows throughout without becoming stagnant which personifies the understanding the Lawrence brothers have not only for their desired results but for each other. As the final track reluctantly winds down there is an overwhelming sense that Disclosure is no longer an exclusive family affair.


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