DIY’s Albums Of 2011: #3

DIY’s third best album of the year is…

And so we reach the end of another year; twelve months of great music and even better albums. After countless arguments, tantrums and break downs, DIY’s writers have created a definitive list of unmissable releases from the last 365 days (well, give or take - it’s only the start of December - Ed) - the very best albums of 2011. Here you’ll find number three. Enjoy.

A mere 12 months ago, if we were to have peered into the future, into the deep musical abyss of 2011 we would have been very surprised. Not by the distinct lack of Radiohead in the gig listings section of this magazine, or the fact that DIY had finally made the leap from html code to the shelves. No, the biggest surprise would be granted from a cheeky look at the Royal Albert Hall’s scheduled nights. Among your standard Gary Barlow and ‘Late Night Jazz’ shows was a very intriguing event. Metronomy at the Royal Albert Hall. “Whaa? How did this happen?” We’d have asked. “The English Riviera happened.” Would be the reply.

Yes, it is an undeniable fact that The English Riviera did happen, and with this ‘happening’ came a shimmering, catchy and very English pop album. Many say they don’t make ‘em like they used to, and this is often hard to deny. But Metronomy have always been living in denial. Denial of their potential, denial of their ability a song as God-damn sexy as ‘She Wants’, or as beautifully foot tappin’ as ‘The Bay’. Free of their denial there’s no knowing where Metronomy will go next.

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