Eagulls: ‘We’re Starting To See The Fruits Of Our Labour’

Leeds punks prove that hard work pays off, ahead of the release of their 2014 debut.

In a month where shock value seems to be the name of the game in music, Leeds’ own Eagulls have found themselves on the tip of many tongues with their new video ‘Nerve Endings’. But instead of it being a mere publicity stunt, it turns out that there’s a real method in their perceived madness.

‘The song’s about anxiety,’ explains guitarist Liam. ‘Trying to understand it and trying to get rid of it, sort of. We were thinking about how to represent anxiety and thought about a brain decomposing because of how they decompose, they bring life again with the maggots, so we thought it’d be a good idea to let a brain rot and then time-lapse it.’

The sinister single was released last month. ‘For us it seems like it’s been pretty well received - I suppose it depends on your expectations though. We weren’t expecting to top the charts or anything!’

Rotting brains is certainly enough to make this single many a music fan’s introduction to the band, but how do they feel this represents them? ‘It definitely shows the progression from our earlier releases and where we’re at currently as a band,’ he admits. ‘It’s a bit of a darker sound which has just come naturally from our experiences over the last couple of years.

’[2013 has] probably been the most stressful time we’ve ever had as band, writing and record the album. Now trying to tour as much as possible while being at work 40 hrs a week can be pretty draining but we’re starting to see the fruits of our labour, so it’s gonna be a good end to the year.

‘Definitely going to America is up there,’ he notes, when talking of the highlights from their mad touring schedule. ‘It was the first time ever over there for most us so it was great experience as a band and to see the culture out there. Festival NRML in Mexico was one of the best festivals we’ve ever been to - great atmosphere, great bands and a beautiful albeit fucked up location.’

As well as worldwide destinations, the band performed an instore in Banquet Records to coincide with the single release. How important is it to support independent record stores? ‘They provide a massive platform for bands like us to get heard. We’ve all spent hours of our lives in record shops looking for new bands so it would be shit if we ended up in a world of just mp3s.’

Beyond the touring and instores, their album is complete and awaiting release. ”Nerve Endings’ is the first single from the album, so yeah it’s all finished up and coming out on Partisan Records at the beginning of next year after another single in December. For now [the single is a strong indication of our direction] but when we start writing again I’m sure it will continue to progress further. There’s not much point in writing the same songs over and over.’

Eagulls have got a lot under their belt in 2013, so as they look ahead, it’s all guns blazing. ‘We’re gonna be touring as much as possible for the foreseeable future,’ concludes Liam.

 With all these plans in the pipeline, the mind boggles over the possibility of what their next artistic move will be.

Eagulls’ debut album is released via Partisan on 3rd March 2014.

Taken from the new, free DIY Weekly, available to read online or to download on iPad now.

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