Neu Eddi Front

Is it a Metric side-project in disguise? Is this the new Lana Del Rey? Regardless, it’s the sound of a beautiful New York based songwriter.


: Eddi Front
Based: New York
Listen: or
Similar to: Emily Haines, Lana Del Rey

I have my suspicions with Eddi Lines / Eddi Front. Two songs penned under different names, both tagged as “comedy” or “inspirational” in some quest for ultimate irony. Both perfectly produced piano ballads. Both stunning. Based in New York. Clearly this has some kind of industry backing behind it.

But before we get into another self-defeating debate about the credibility of Lana Del Rey and how the whole thing was an mainstream game filtered through the blog crowd, let’s just enjoy the two tracks. Lyrics are dramatic, poignant: “I can’t stand it, I can’t bake the bread, or bring home the flowers/ this divorce is gigantic” - each sticks out like a throbbing, sore thumb, waiting to be framed and put up on a wall or, in more modern terms, reblogged in some ghastly polaroid image on tumblr.

There’s even a moment in ‘Gigantic’ where you become convinced that the singer is actually Emily Haines from Metric. Of course the solo career has already taken off from that port, so the purpose of an alter-ego guise would be limited. So we’ll keep the theories to ourselves, as much as that is possible considering how very exciting Eddi Lines is.



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