Exclusive: Kate Nash Pens New Song ‘Pink Limo Ride’

‘Girl Talk’ artist wrote a song in response to an incident of hate crime.

On 13th July, Kate Nash was witness to a friend experiencing the very worst of hate crime. She immediately responded by writing a song in debt to her friend, Mika, who was beaten up in Soho, London after trying to defend someone from prejudice.

‘I’ve never been involved nor had a friend involved with a hate crime before. I didn’t know what to expect or how that would feel. I’ve read stories in the news…’

Kate explains the incident that led to her writing ‘Pink Limo Ride’. ‘On the 13th July Mika went out with one of his best friends, a girl who dresses alternatively and has a lot of tattoos. They were in a chicken shop in soho when a couple of guys took a disliking to her alternative look. They threatened to stab her because of the way she was dressed, Mika stood in & was beaten so badly he now has a fracture in his face.’

‘I want to say a thousand things, about how I am angry, disgusted, about how sad and sick it makes me seeing my friend like this,’ she says. ‘I’m concerned as to how my friend will get his confidence back after this. I can’t even imagine how he feels. All I can do is be there for him.’

‘There are some small things I can do to help my friend, one of those was write him this song.’

Nash has urged those who want to wipe out prejudice and hate crime to get involved in organisations such as the Sophie Lancaster Foundation.

Exclusively stream Kate Nash’s ‘Pink Limo Ride’ track, and scroll down for the lyrics:

it’s hard to keep your head up
you’ve been hurt before
you lost your faith
in humanity
and it’s taking its toll
don’t know how long for…

Yeah never give up
even though you’ve been truly fucked
hell yeah you got beaten up
you’re black and blue
it isn’t fair it isn’t true
there’s really nothing i can do
except tell you that i love you

you saved the day
you’re on your way
your bleeding eye will open once again.
to see the beauty in this world
l’ll stamp out all the hatred that i can
be being your girl

i’ll bring you pizza every day
i’ll bake you cakes cause you can’t bake
i’ll bring you flowers in the pouring rain
if it will help you smile AGAAAIN

that fateful night
may have changed your life
they came down hard on you
and you felt the force
but now you must look to the light
and find the strength
to keep on
and fight the good fight

YOU are so cute!
even though you can be pretty gross
i really love you
somehow you are so sweet
even when you’re acting crazy even when you leave handprint in vaseline

you deserve the best
you’ll get to the top
fulfill your goals
viva forever
and screw the rest
we’ll fight the prejudice
this bullshit i contest
let’s take a fucking fabulous drive
in our pink limo ride

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