Album Review Fair Ohs - Jungle Cats

A whole lot of fun.

Fair Ohs are a hard band to pin down. Debut album ‘Everyone Is Dancing’ was an effervescent mix of world music, always delivered in a fast punk rock style, at times spitting out the tracks with more garage rock swagger than even the Black Lips, and others veering off with huge slices of tropical pop and afro beats.

On second album, ‘Jungle Cats’, they’re just as eclectic and enthusiastic. The wide array of styles that chop and change in an instant might not suit other bands, but the whole-hearted approach Fair Ohs deploy becomes the constant that joins all their wild ideas together.

One of the most thrilling of these is ‘Citric Placid’, which hurdles along at breakneck speed with riffs that progressively quicken while the fist-pumping chorus gets increasingly more intense as it reaches its climax. ‘Silver Jade Mountain’ has been doused in breezy melodies, while ‘Ya Mustava’ sounds as if it were born during a carnival with the rhythm present.

It’s a whole lot of fun.