Features Fantasy Festival: Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs

If TEED was to book his very own a festival, here’s how it would go down.

All acts are playing during their obvious heyday unless specified yep, and this is the running order ok. It starts at around 7.30pm on a Saturday.

Talking Heads

Start the proceedings with a full rendition of their Stop Making Sense show, just so we can all die happy.

The Knife

I think we should all be a lot more like The Knife and a lot less like Cheryl Cole's god children. So that is why they are playing.

A Tribe Called Quest

Basically perform their greatest hits and everyone goes CRAZY.

Fabio & Grooverider (c.1991)

UK rave music before it split into all kinds of genres. Dungarees and white gloves are not to be frowned upon.

Nicky Blackmarket & Stevie Hyper D (c.1996)

No comment (Skibba, Det and Fearless will all grace the mic as well.)

Lionel Richie performs 'All Night Long'

Just when you think someone's going to get stabbed, Lionel reminds us all why we are all here from a podium in the middle of the crowd.

Theo Parrish

Does something really odd and nobody is sure if it's his greatest moment, and maybe the booker should have got Carl Craig instead.

Earth Wind and Fire

Sunrise '70s good vibes.

Lionel performs 'Easy'

It all ends in tears.


Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs' new single 'Trouble' will be released on 4th July via Polydor.


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