EP Review Fidlar - Don’t Try

Cheap yet oh so cheerful.

The search for originality in guitar-based bands has thankfully been abandoned. Which is great for Fidlar because that means it’s perfectly acceptable for them to sound like The Black Lips at their most tuneful and not much else.

Upon listening to ‘Don’t Try’ highlights ‘Got No Money’ (they sing about the real things in life) and ‘No Waves’, one can’t imagine a Fidlar album lasting much longer than this EP. One thing you can most definitely expect here is a complete lack of any surprises. From the lo-fi production to the ‘we don’t care, like, at all’ attitude to the distorted guitar licks; trust us when we tell you you’ve heard it all before.

Bands like Fidlar are ten a penny and that’s why we love them because they are cheap yet oh so cheerful.


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