Neu Francobollo

Loud, Swedish and almost impossible to pigeonhole. Francobollo are just a bit exciting.


: Francobollo
Based: London via Sweden
Similar to: Jay Reatard, Ty Segall

If you thought Sweden was all haunting balearic melodrama and escapist dream-pop, then Francobollo will make you think again. In fact, they’ll keep you guessing by morphing their noise from one genre to another as they progress. There’s the odd electronic warble, sweetly delivered grunge hooks and deft crashes of feedback strung together in their own ecentric style.

There are running themes throughout their music. Francobollo always make tracks with an incredible sense of fun and enjoyment for what they’re doing – passion that serves to really bring home their sporadically scattered heart-melting moments on the contrasting backdrop of their noisy rock-outs. Take 'Number 8' from their most recent EP for example - at first urgent and tense before descending into blissful delicacy.

Stream 'Two Toasts Too Many':
The 'Basketball EP' is out now.

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3 back issues for £7

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