Features Husky Rescue: ‘I’m Not A Desk Drawer Composer’

Gareth O’Malley talks to bassist and founding member Marko Nyberg.

This week, Husky Rescue release a special edition boxset - a deluxe version of their 'captivating' third album 'Ship Of Light', which includes five bonus tracks, a DVD of live footage and music videos, and a badge.

Gareth O'Malley talks to bassist and founding member Marko Nyberg after a long day in the studio, to talk about their new release.

What's your favourite song from the record? Is it the same one as it was when you'd just finished it?
At the time of composing I was most interested in building a good album and not really had an individual favourite song. Now I do – 'Snowfall'. Singing with my friend Daniel from Michigan was great.

KUSTAA SAKSI [regular artist for Husky Rescue] has done a great job with the boxset presentation - are you proud of how it's turned out?
I am, most definitely. He did really an amazing job. The artwork is so fantastic and multidimensional. And it makes the album very concrete in this world of endless downloading and uploading.

How long has the deluxe edition been in the works?
For a while actually. It’s worth the wait though.

Did you have much material to sift through that you could have used? Is there anything you'd really like to have included, but haven't for whatever reason?
I’m not much of a desk drawer composer.

What gave you the idea to throw in the album instrumentals? Your band have always had a rather intricate sound, after all: are there things there we might not have been able to hear on the album itself?
Nothing has been added but of course leaving the vocals out changes everything and drifts the focus within the song.

Is there any other new material planned for release in the near future? There was 'Shelter From the Storm' last year, of course, and there's 'Snowfall' on this new release..
Definitely, new material is on it’s way. It will be something truly new! Husky Rescue is actually going through a major transformation. I've started collaboration with a Swedish singer, Johanna Kalén. I hope this change will make the music sound more connected to nature than ever before. I feel so

What other plans do Husky Rescue have this year?
It’s a time of transformation and a lot of new, good and unheard of things are on their way and I am extremely excited about this. At the moment I am very much concentrating on going back to the root of things, the basics of what making music is for me. Surrounding yourself with likeminded people and being ready to explore. It’s like standing at the sea front just before the sea is free. You don’t know exactly what’s coming, but you know it will be good.

Will we see you at any festivals this summer?
At the moment the plan is to do more club events. I’m very much into the idea of making more performative concerts and choosing venues where an intimate atmosphere can be created.

Finally, off the top of your head, what's your favourite song and album you've heard so far in 2011?
Tame Impala ‘InnerSpeaker’, on vinyl.

Husky Rescue's 'Ship Of Light' Special edition box set is out now via Catskills.


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