Neu Inner Oceans

Delivering maddening, stadium-ready giants right under people’s noses.


: Inner Oceans
Based: Denver/ San Francisco
Similar to: M83, Midlake, campfire songs with synthesizers.

Don’t be fooled by lulling, patterned strums that open Denver group Inner Oceans’ debut song ‘Ready Your Ghost’. Like the grizzly phantom referred to in the title, the song packs a bedevilled secret in the form of its monstrous chorus. We’re talking M83 levels of hugeness. Similar to walking alongside giants, debuts rarely get bigger than this.

It's the first we've heard from the four-piece, who remain unsigned if word of mouth's anything to go by. 'Ready Your Ghost' is the kind of song that could get a magnificent resurgence twelve months down the line, maybe not an Icona Pop 'I Love It'-style breaking into the charts, but you wouldn't rule out something similar being granted a track of this sheer enormity.


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