Album Review Islands Lost At Sea - Are Having A Lovely Time

Sunshine laden tunes that would drift into the background of a music festival marquee.

It is slightly disconcerting when an album arrives with a press release that looks like it has been crayoned by a six year old, a strip of tear off roaches and a bookmark that exclaims “read thicko”. Not only an interesting juxtaposition of freebies, but perhaps required to enjoy the album in its entirety: maybe you have to be stoned?

Gifts aside, take a shot of Lemon Jelly, a handful of nu-folk, a pinch of lo-fi and mix it together with a long measure of sun and you are about there. There’s also a huge curveball of genre hopping evident; the stand out, stoner rock track ‘Wobbly Dog’ sounds like a glammed up Queens Of The Stone Age have just smoked an ounce of Purple Haze. Sadly, it’s the only one like it. The album’s experimental nature drifts into dangerous territory on occasion, the prime example being the appalling attempt at reggae on ‘Yon Swimming Bloke’. If anything, at least it’s a good example of how to strip a culture of its identity.

Despite this huge musical faux pas, the rest is fairly inoffensive. Amazingly Islands Lost At Sea have managed to hone and weave the feel of summertime into a handful of songs; sunshine laden tunes that would drift into the background of a music festival marquee, but so relaxed they’re unlikely to make any lasting impression.