Jack Penate - Be The One

A more grown-up approach to music-making.


A massive leap from ‘Spit At Stars’, ‘Be The One’ sees Jack Peñate take a more grown-up approach to music-making. The poppy, happy rhythm is still there but this time he explores adult themes with an altogether slicker sound.

Nicely produced by Paul Epworth, this track is pure unadulterated pop with a hint of southern soul. Starry-eyed Peñate’s lyrics are deliciously romantic and met beautifully by twinkling tones.

Don’t be put off by the horrific intro or the cringe-worthy trumpet takeover, this track has some undeniably brilliant bits too. The verses, in particular the second, make this record. Let down slightly by the large yet unimaginative chorus, ‘Be The One’ is definitely worth a listen.

It might take a bit of getting into but take our word for it, once you are, you’ll find it impossible to get out again.

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