News Johnny Marr Describes The Smiths Reformation Rumours As “Silly Bullshit”

The guitarist has no desire to look back.

Johnny Marr has refuted any suggestion that The Smiths will reform.

Speaking to DIY, he said that; “It's not like I haven't got better things to do than sit there and deny some silly bullshit. I intend to keep writing these songs for the foreseeable future, ta.”

The guitarist turned frontman, who recently scored a Top 10 with his first ever solo album, 'The Messenger', has been constantly plagued by rumours that the seminal 80s band will reform. Most recently, after Morrissey claimed that Coachella had offered to go meat free if he and Marr partnered up again, the rumours seemed to gain momentum purely on the basis that Johnny didn't immediately take to Twitter to deny them.

“It's so silly, like a soap opera. It's not like I'm not doing new songs. I understand that there's a view of taking care of unfinished business, but you can't apply that same criteria to every band,” Marr pointed out, “Whether it's the Velvets, The Smiths, or whoever, it's all different. In my case, I got to make 78, 79 songs [with The Smiths]. But going forward has always been the right thing for me. I don't really know any other way. Personally and artistically, and it's too late to stop now. Hopefully some more interesting things are going to happen along the way.”

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