Kagoule Announce New Free Download Single, ‘Adjust The Way’

Nottingham trio bring the force on a single for Hate Hate Hate.

Nottingham thrill-seekers Kagoule have signed to Hate Hate Hate Records (The Wytches, Theo Verney) for a new single. ‘Adjust The Way’ is a free download and it’s available from today.

Previously, the trio waltzed through a genre-nodding, scuzzy routine, passing by shoegaze as much as they would old-school grunge. Now they sound like a far more assured being. Forcing their way through convention, they’ve seemingly flicked a switch. ‘Adjust The Way”s title is polite considering what goes down within the song. It’s a grizzly horror-show of spike-addled chords, pieced together by Lucy’s steady vocals.

DIY has the ‘Adjust The Way’ premiere. Download here for free and watch the video below:

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