Live Review Kaiser Chiefs, Manchester Night & Day Cafe

The psychedelic stomp of ‘Oh My God’ even ends up in the shadow of recent live addition ‘I Predict a Riot’ (at least we think that’s what it’s called).

Something's definitely happening here. There's a storm a brewing in these northern hills I tell thee.Yeah, you trendy Southerners may think you have it made. You may wonder if we even have television up here yet. Who cares if we do or don't, we have this lot to keep us entertained.We've already established in these very virtual pages that the Kaiser Chiefs are well on the way to being the best band ever. They've got their first single on the way, the live dates are starting to fill up the diary, and yet tonight the Mancunians seem to have found the lost art of folding arms. Screw them, they'll be the ones bragging about how they saw the Famous Five before they made it big in twelve months time.Rumours that the band might be a one trick pony are well and truly put to rest. The psychedelic stomp of 'Oh My God' even ends up in the shadow of recent live addition 'I Predict a Riot' (at least we think that's what it's called). There's sure to be an album to come out of the songs we're hearing now, and it's looking like it may very well be something quite special indeed.Of course, if you want you can listen to your Keane, your Franz, your hot new haircut band safely endorsed by the media mafia. After all, in a few months they're sure to catch up, and you can start listening to the Chiefs along with everyone else.

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