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DIY spoke to Kasabian members Tom and Chris about the ‘Movement’, Manchester and their debut album.

With their first single proper, 'Club Foot', out on May 10th it seems that Kasabian are about to make an huge dent in the industry. We spoke to Tom and Chris before their support slot in Manchester with The Von Bondies to hear what they had to say on the matter.

Word has it that the album is going to be called 'Test Transmission. Is this true?
Tom:Well, that's a working title. You know? Nothing definite yet. We're still toying with a couple of things first before we are sure.

Any idea when we can expect it to be released?
Tom: Late summer. It's gonna be out in August some time. Yeah, that's the plan anyway, sometime after we go to Japan.

Are there are plans yet about promoting this with a tour?
Tom: Well, we're gonna be in Japan all summer so we'll probably do some dates after that. Probably after the release in August.

It seems that the Movement is getting quite big now, doesn't it?
[both laugh]
Tom: Well, I wouldn't say it was big!
Chris: There are a few big fans, yeah.
Tom: The thing is, it's just so surreal. You know? I'm fucking me, you know what I mean? And scribbling my name on something means so much to them. People asking for photos and stuff.
Chris: It's all very flattering.
Tom: It's just funny, you know? But we're very grateful.

You have had quite a few drummers over the past few months, what's the story with

Tom: We've had quite a few session drummers, messing us about by not turning up and not taking the job seriously. The record company have been chopping and changing our drummers to get us going, cos when we started off we didn't have a drummer.
Chris: Every new drummer has a new feel. But, yeah, I think this one is around to stay more or less. We like him and he works for us.

Is there anything in particular you have been listening to recently on tour?
Tom: Pink Floyd. Lots of fucking Pink Floyd, it's just fucking boss man. Er, Jimi Hendrix, Black Rebel, some Miles Davies and the usual jazz, which is great to listen to with a joint. And some more fucking Pink Floyd, you know?
Chris: You know, classical to anything really. Helps set the mood for the night.

Are there any new up and coming acts that you have noticed recently?
Chris: We recently did a show for MTV which was full of new stuff, all good. You know.
Tom: The Von Bondies, I know we are touring with them but we have been listening and they are fucking boss. Oh and the band The Bees! Aww, man they are just fucking boss. Er, we did a tour with Chikinki recently, they were nice guys and their music was good, was certainly interesting to listen to.

You seem to have done a lot in the past six months despite not having had a proper release.
Chris: The last time we performed here was October last year, with The Cooper Temple Clause. It's nice to be back.
Tom: Well, we've been together two or three years now.

So you were signed three years ago?
Tom: No, two, but we have been a band for six years now, just the four of us.


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