Live Review Kate Nash, 100 Club, London

This is no ordinary party, this is Kate Nash’s party.

Any tour that finishes with a sold out 100 Club is enough reason for celebration, but in this case from the fact that she jumps around like a teenager in the front row for support band The Tuts (and even stepping on stage to play a song with them), to the bejewelled head piece shaped as cat ears she's wearing, and even the in-between-sets music (with 'Lovefool', 'Bad Reputation', 'Just Like A Pill', 'Cherry Bomb' etc) it's undeniable this is no ordinary party, this is Kate Nash's party.

And as with any good party the night is eventful. After an intro video is projected on the back of the stage and in several vintage TVs carefully placed on top of the amplifiers, it only takes Kate a couple of songs to dive into the crowd with her microphone to sing and bounce surrounded by girls screaming the words of 'OMYGOD!' back at her. 'I wrote this song while I was holiday, and everything was beautiful and perfect but you know when you feel like shit inside so it doesn't matter where you are?' Kate explains, while her fans nod vigorously as if she's telling a story about them.

The explanation quickly turns into a monologue, and somehow she manages to make the idea of kicking your mother in the face (literally, during one of her tantrums as a little kid) perfectly reasonable. 'And this is why I started to write music, because I don't get to kick Mum in the face anymore…'

There's a first-album moment with 'Mariella' and a rockier version of 'Foundations' which gives way to a re-invention of 'Cocaine' by Nash' s LA pals FIDLAR where she replaces every occurrence of the drug in the lyrics for the words 'girl gang'. Mayhem is unleashed right after with a (ladies only) stage invasion led by The Tuts during 'Underestimate The Girl'.

All we need now is an encore, and which song is mandatory at every girl's party? Yes you got it: 'Bitch' by Meredith Brooks, here loaded with Kate Nash's irreverence - but minus her shoes which she loses half way through.

Kate completes the evening with the stripped down 'We Get On' and an inspiring speech about girls in the entertainment industry (that also includes a bit of ranting about gossip magazines calling Kim Kardashian fat because she's pregnant and how she decided to phone River Island to quit her job after her first concert and never gave back her uniform). What a great party!

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