Kilo Kish: ‘My Songs Mean Whatever You Want Them To Mean.’

NY-based Lakisha Robinson documents her beginnings and bright future.

Kilo Kish is only 23 years old and already has a CV more impressive than most peers who’re twice her age. The stage name of Lakisha Robinson, Kish’s accomplishments on this planet so far are inspired to say the least: Visual artist. Textile designer. Model. Actress. As if that wasn’t already impressive enough, you probably know her as singer/rapper - her latest mixtape ‘K+’ dropped back in February of this year, and its release cemented Kish’s position as one of the most exciting new talents to emerge in recent times.

For those who haven’t heard it, it’s a star-studded piece of work that exemplifies her status as a connoisseur of alt-R&B. The beats are often so silky smooth that they’ll have you swooning before her voice even hits your ears, and collaborations with the likes of Earl Sweatshirt, Childish Gambino, Star Slinger and SBTRKT just goes to show how much faith the rest of the world has in this young pop star. A lot of music journalists try to dig deep into the metaphors and meanings behind the work of a lot of artists, but as we found out in our chat, there’s no overarching theme here: Kilo Kish is a down-to-earth girl just rapping about the thoughts floating around in her head. We also talk to her about how your choice of Twitter handle can shape your identity, how life experiences can influence your writing as an artist and where her signature, woozy-R&B sound comes from.

What do you find yourself writing about the most in your music?
Relationships, human interaction, and spaces.

The beats you work with tend to be really hazy and somewhat psychedelic. What sort of music other than pop, hip-hop and R&B do you think inspired this sound?
I think the producers I work with are very talented and inspired by many genres of music - they’re a part of a generation who takes bits and pieces and make truly original sounding music.

How have your experiences studying at the Fashion Institute of Technology shaped your music?
They haven’t really, they’re separate parts of my life. My music is shaped mostly by my relationships and thoughts about people in general.

Did you ever consider remaining anonymous in the beginning?
I didn’t really take a moment to consider my identity as a singer, I just started making songs with no name. Other people called me Kilo Kish because it was my twitter handle. I didn’t actively think, ‘hey let me call myself Kilo Kish’ - it just kind of stuck.

Your lyrics on the other hand – to me anyway – seem much more vague and mysterious. Just how personal do you intend your tracks to be?
My songs are honestly the thoughts just floating around in my mind. I think that’s as personal as it gets. My songs make perfect sense to me obviously because they’re my abstracted thoughts but for others I can see them being a little loose. There’s nothing else I can say really, I just hear music and write. I often contemplate relationships and their meanings for me and others. My songs mean whatever you want them to mean.

What’s the latest with KoolKatsKlub and how has it been being a part of the team?
Its been great to be able to make music with friends. Love KKK. Right now were focused on Smash Simmon’s solo release W.O.O. (weapons, oil, and opium).

How did you find the reacton to ‘K+’? It must’ve been crazy working with artists like Childish Gambino, SBTRKT and the A$AP Mob.
It was fun working with everyone. I was so happy that they were all down to be on that project. ‘K+’ is like my art project baby and I’m glad people liked it.