Listen: Anna Meredith Previews New EP With ‘Orlok’

Meredith’s new ‘Jet Black Raider’ EP gains release on Moshi Moshi.

Composer Anna Meredith has shared the lead track from her forthcoming ‘Jet Black Raider’ EP, which gains release on Moshi Moshi 19th August.

‘Orlok’ is a wild introduction, for those of you new to her. She released another EP, ‘Black Prince Fury’, before this, but there’s a distinct craft to this new track, something that begins scattered and on the brink of being completely overwhelming.

Instead of erring on the wrong side, it melds strange, disparate elements (power synths, bells, jazz pianos) into something resembling a coherent, streamlined piece. When the various parts meet face to face it’s something of a eureka moment.

Stream Anna Meredith’s ‘Orlok’ below. Scroll for the EP tracklisting.

1. Unicron
2. Bubble Gun
3. Orlok
4. ALR

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