Listen: Astronauts, Etc Unveils New ‘Coldboy’ Track

Anthony Ferraro’s candid despondency rears its head once more in this new cut.

It’s only been a month or so since Astronauts, etc. saw in the beginning of 2013 with bold intentions.

The ‘Sideswiped’ song, which premiered on DIY on 19th February, saw Anthony Ferraro turning a page, heading for bigger things and producing a fully-realised sound. And good lord would you look at that: since its unveiling it’s racked up nearly 60,000 plays.

‘Coldboy’ isn’t quite as down-in-the-dumps as ‘Sideswiped’. Its initially despondent charge soon gives way to a slick aesthetic, ’80s-infused basslines that Solange would likely beg to use for her new album step into the scene.

The new track’s a free download, in exchange for your not-that-precious email address. Anthony’s currently at work on a debut LP. No word on whether ‘Coldboy’ will feature, but it ought to.

Stream Astronauts, etc.’s ‘Coldboy’ track below:

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