Listen: Best Friends Stream New ‘Happy Anniversary’ Track

Ramshackle punk gains a new standard-bearer - their new 7 single comes with a comic, too.”

Best Friends are setting the standard for ramshackle, do-it-yourself acts with the first track from their new AA side, ‘Happy Anniversary’.

While blogs across the world wide web are inundated with cheap copies and tacky throwaways when it comes to bedroom bands, the Sheffield boys’ signature surf rock stands out of the crowd due its (thankfully) high fidelity production values and Lewis Sharman’s naturally charming vocals.

The chorus is an absolute joy too, bouncing up and down lethargically like the odd kid out on a bouncy castle who, despite his lethargic whininess is actually having a great time.

Stream Best Friends’ ‘Happy Anniversary’ below. Pre-order a 7’ (due out on Art Is Hard, 23rd September), which also comes with a comic. How snazzy.


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