News Listen: Childhood Announce New Single, ‘Pinballs’

Six-minute giant of a new single comes produced by Dan Carey, released as a 7 in January.”

Singled Childhood out as a casual bunch of escapists? Figured they're all about dreamy pop goodness and very little else? Wrong on all counts. They've unveiled a whole new coat of feathers with 'Pinball', a new single coming out on Dan Carey's Speedy Wunderground label. Produced by Carey, it was recorded in a single, day-long studio session.

'Pinball' is a beast of a song, storming its way through six-minutes of speaker-shattering noise. They still keep it casual, the vibes still come in thick and fast. But cut to midway through this new single (3 minutes in) and they reveal a gigantic, proggy side that's never been exposed until now. When they said they were 'trying to do as much in one album as possible,' they weren't fibbing.

Speedy Wunderground release 'Pinballs' on 13th January as a 7' single. Listen below:


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Childhood, Oslo, London

Childhood, Oslo, London

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