News Listen: Shy Girls Previews Debut EP With ‘Still Not Falling’

Supposed romantic switches the agenda by singing about gymnasts and making beads.

It's getting a bit silly now, the number of well-dressed romantics with lovely singing voices trying to stand out in a crowd. Guys like Sean Nicholas Savage, Dev Hynes and now Shy Girls; it's like they're all serenading up towards the same villa balcony, with the same bouquet of flowers being thrown up to the sky.

Only, Dan Vidmar - like SNS and sir Hynes - has a little something about him. He stands out in the crowd of fellow crooners because 1) he makes jazzy pianos and woozy hums sound like a product of today and 2) because this song contains the line 'I'm not an athlete / I sit at home and make beads.' Incredible.

Stream Shy Girls' 'Still Not Falling' below.

'Timeshare' EP tracklist (released 28th October):

1. Without
2. Still Not Falling
3. When I Say I Love U
4. Second Heartbeat
5. Voyeur's Gaze
6. Under Attack


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