News Mazes Announce New Mini-Album, Stream ‘Hayfever Wristband’

New release from Jack Cooper and co is out on FatCat in November.

The tense, jagged sounds of Mazes are having one last 2013 hurrah in the form of a new release, 'Better Ghosts'. Fat Cat are bringing out the 'mini album' on 21st November.

It's headed up by new track, 'Hayfever Wristband' (which in itself sounds like a nifty antihistamine device). Led by barely-buckling, uptight rhythm sections and some effect-free refrains, it's a quick, all guns blazing follow up to 'Ores & Minerals'.

Read DIY's 2013 interview with Mazes.

Check out Mazes' 'Hayfever Wristband' below:

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