Mike Skinner & The Music’s Rob Harvey Join Forces In New band

The duo form The D.O.T just as The Streets comes to an end

The Streets’ Mike Skinner has come together with The Music’s Rob Harvey to form new band The D.O.T.

The duo have already posted a number of tracks on their official website the-dot.net, though no release details have yet been announced.

It’s not the first time that the long-term friends have worked together after Skinner recruited Harvey for The Streets’ last album, ‘Computers and Blues’.

Meanwhile, The Streets are due to play their final ever live dates at The Big Reunion, Skegness Butlins, November 18-20 and November 25-27.

And before then they’ll play their last London show on the weekend of October 28-29 at Freeze Festival, which takes place in Battersea Power Station.

You can stream ‘Whatever It Takes’ by The D.O.T below:

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