Reviews Mozart Parties - Black Cloud

Oh cheer up guys. You’ve made an excellent single.

Whether or not Mozart Parties mainman James Bennett was aware he had a single of slow-maturing majesty on his hands, it’s taken a whole six months since the band made themselves known to the blogging community with free download ‘Black Cloud’ and its proper release this Halloween.

As you might expect from a man who’s waved goodbye to the hustle and bustle of London city streets for the desolation of the Lake District, ‘Black Cloud’ is a fairly gloomy affair. There’s a silver lining to Bennett’s discomfort though, if it gives him the headspace to pen pop songs as subtly catchy and achingly emotive as this.

With its dreamlike croons and sour-mouthed melody flexed to a rusty groove, it makes for the perfect soundtrack to the morning after, as twisted-pop tastemakers Merok have become renowned for.

Meanwhile, humbly on the B-side, ‘Raining At The Crossroads’ shines a light on their poppier side. Sadly absent from the live show, it’s the closest thing the band have to a hit: an unkempt splatter of joy which merges with the dreamlike darkness of Bennett’s songwriting, and to glorious effect.

Mozart Parties have proved on both sides of their debut that they’re capable of moving hearts as well as hips. And, whichever direction at the crossroads they may choose to take next, the future sure looks bright.

Oh cheer up guys. You’ve made an excellent single.


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