Nadine Shah Confirmes New Release, ‘Dreary Town’

She’ll follow up last year’s ‘Aching Bones’ with a further three tracks this April.

North-east singer-songwriter Nadine Shah has confirmed details of a new release.

Shah, who was last seen with November’s ‘Aching Bones’, will issue the Apollo-released ‘Dreary Town’ on 15th April.

The three-track release features the title track, plus two others: ‘Bobby Heron’ and a cover of ‘Cry Me A River’.

Of the first of the two, Shah explains it’s inspired by her great-uncle’s death. “He died at sea” she says, “my great gran was obviously distraught but even more so because she couldn’t bury her little boy. There was this clairvoyant in our hometown, a blind guy everyone knew. She went to see him and he told her exactly where the body was. That night my great grandad went out in his fishing boat. Sure enough the body was where they’d been told it would be, and with a grappling hook he retrieved Bobby’s body. My mam and Aunty always tell that story. I wrote the song for my mum really, I wanted to ensure that her tale lived on.”

Of her take on ‘Cry Me A River’, which she used to perform as a jazz singer, Shah adds that she likes how you can “really twist the lyric and rather than sounding like a wounded woman you can be more of madwoman seeking revenge!”

Title track, ‘Dreary Town’ can be listened to now.

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