Oasis Announce 20th Anniversary Release Of ‘Definitely Maybe’

Oasis Announce 20th Anniversary Release Of ‘Definitely Maybe’

Reissue marks the 20th Anniversary of Oasis’ debut album.

Last night Oasis hinted at big news by announcing that there would be an announcement at 9am this morning, 26th February.

Said news is in regards to the 20th anniversary of ‘Definitely Maybe’. On 19th May, a remastered version of the 1994 LP will be released on a three-disc set. It’ll arrive alongside rarities and live recordings, with the remaster being available as a single disc on vinyl.

A single release of ‘Supersonic’ will arrived on Record Store Day, 19th April 2014.

‘Definitely Maybe’ 20th Anniversary Reissue Tracklist:
01. Rock ‘n’ Roll Star
02. Shakermaker
03. Live Forever
04. Up in the Sky
05. Columbia
06. Supersonic
07. Bring It On Down
08. Cigarettes & Alcohol
09. Digsy’s Dinner
10. Slide Away
11. Married With Children

01. Columbia (White Label Demo)
02. Cigarettes & Alcohol (Demo)
03. Sad Song
04. I Will Believe (Live)
05. Take Me Away
06. Alive (Demo)
07. D’Yer Wanna Be a Spaceman?
08. Supersonic (Live)
09. Up in the Sky (Acoustic)
10. Cloudburst
11. Fade Away
12. Listen Up
13. I Am the Walrus (Live)
14. Whatever
15. (It’s Good) To Be Free
16. Half the World Away

01. Supersonic (Live)
02. Rock ‘n’ Roll Star
03. Shakermaker (Live)
04. Columbia (Eden Studios Mix)
05. Cloudburst (Demo)
06. Strange Thing (Demo)
07. Live Forever (Live)
08. Cigarettes & Alcohol (Live)
09. D’Yer Wanna Be a Spaceman? (Live)
10. Fade Away (Demo)
11. Take Me Away (Live)
12. Sad Song (Live)
13. Half the World Away (Live)
14. Digsy’s Dinner (Live)
15. Married With Children (Demo)
16. Up in the Sky (Live)
17. Whatever (Strings)

Original 1993 Demos cassette
Side One:
1. Cloudburst
2. Columbia
3. D’Yer Wanna Be A Spaceman?
4. Strange Thing

Side Two:
1. Bring It On Down
2. Married With Children
3. Fade Away
4. Rock ‘n’ Roll Star

Supersonic 12 inch single, Record Store Day limited edition
A: Supersonic
B1. Take Me Away
B2. I Will Believe (Live)

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